Aaron Kruziki/ Jakub Rojek/
Shaun Sutkus 


Next Lifetime

Small settlers pitch tents in my heart, sometimes
for just nights at a time. Their tiny
pins and hammers beat at me in a way
that’s inexplicable like communicating
an itch; I can’t
tell you any more.

-Lesley Ann Wheeler


released September 11, 2015

Improvisation 1
1. Wolfless, I Approach
2. Fly Try
3. Attritional
4. Sideways Mountain
5. Gravity Contest
6. Sugarhark

Sounds from the Self-Imposed Exile, by Jakub Rojek
7. Can it be Asked?
8. Repeat Gaze
9. Lily Slip-up
10. Shade for Swarm
11. Inevitable/Thrill

Jakub Rojek- piano, compositions
Aaron Kruziki- saxophones, clarinets, tibetan prayer cymbals
Shaun Sutkus- sound engineering, impulse response

Graphic Design-
Poetry & Track Names-

Produced by Self-Imposed Exile
Mastered by Bonati Mastering on 6/3/2015
Recorded by Shaun Sutkus on 12/21/2014 at Steinway Hall, 109 W. 57 Street, New York, NY 10019


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